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                             Before you begin the ordering or reservation process for the Spring 2014 semester, 
                                                you MUST have a user login with password.
                        You may register on the next page after clicking on the confirmation link below.

Please note that orders placed beginning 1/13 may take up to 48 hours to process.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Important Information


  1. If you cannot find a course or section, the instructor has not submitted an order to the Bookstore.
  2. Reservations may be submitted within the allowed time, but they will be held until books become available approximately two weeks before the beginning of the term. Online orders are normally filled within 48 hours after textbooks become available.
  3. Textbooks can be shipped within the Billings vicinity, but it is recommended that you visit your local campus store to save on shipping costs.
  4. Textbook prices and requirements are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to ensure prices are current, but we will not honor any pricing differences or errors.
  5. Save your receipt, as it is required for returns!
  6. STAFF and DEPT. Class Notes/Course Packets/CDs/Lab Manuals/Study Guides and Distance Ed. Videos/DVDs are only available as NEW.
  7. Preference for USED or NEW will be followed depending upon availability; we pull only what is available on the shelf for a class.  
  8. If you are a person with a disability or need more information, please call 406-247-3031 8:00 am-4:00 pm M-F.

Textbook prices and course requirements are subject to change without notice.

 I have read and understand the above information.

Reservation pick-up begins- January 13, 2014